Just about done following y’all on my new blog :) (those who I didn’t follow is because idk where you stand and I’m trying to make a safe place for myself) (or it’s because tumblr mobile is a dick)


Don’t buy into the bullshit that says that verbalising your anger is childish. It’s toxic, and it’s designed to keep you quiet about your suffering. If you feel safe to, talk about your pain and about those who have hurt you. Support people who are verbalising their pain and their anger.


When you’re playing outside when you’re not supposed to be and your momma pull up.

Emily has been ableist since day one. It hasn’t all been after my suicide attempt. Which she has stated several times has been hard on HER. Thanks. I try to kill myself and it’s still about you. That’s it. I’m deleting this blog. If you want to know my new URL message me. Thanks for all the victim blaming messages Tumblr.


“just because drunk people drop shit” 

You know we had to. #tucson #watermelon #funpak #eegees #onlyinjuly

Real Friends (by Melissa Musical)


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